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Lisa Scala Jewelry – Window Display Tips

Window display techniques that work!

I love designing window displays! This is one of the best ways to promote your product.

The most effective displays have good composition. A variety of textures, shapes and colors can help your window flow like a story. Try using an odd number of items and sizes for visual balance. Positioning items at various heights in both in the foreground and background creates even more interest. Lighting is also important, whether direct lighting or uplighting to create focal points.

For my own displays, I choose a particular theme, based on color, form, texture or time of year to capture what’s currently happening in my gallery. Incorporating artwork and other inspirations helps illustrate the source of my designs. Because jewelry is a smaller item, I include large photos and banners to help catch the eye. Mannequins are also very effective, enabling people to visualize the jewelry on themselves. And I love to add some sparkle, especially around the holidays. The more glittah, the bettah!

Ask yourself these questions about your display:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What message do I want to send?
  • What should I focus on?
  • Which elements can I use to stand out?
  • Is my visual simple enough?

Good luck, you’ve got this!


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