About the Artist

Lisa Scala - Jewelry Designer & Metalsmith​

Lisa Scala is a gifted designer and metalsmith whose unique collection of handmade artisan jewelry has delighted customers for over 30 years. Each of her one-of-a-kind pieces is infused with spiritual meaning and a connection with the natural world. As she puts it, “My designs are inspired by the subtle beauty all around us as well as our strength within.”

A highly skilled jewelry artist, Lisa is a member of the prestigious League of NH Craftsmen. She has received awards from multiple arts organizations, and her work has been featured at high-end galleries across the US. Lisa holds a degree in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Maine College of Art.

Seeking to connect on a personal level with her customers, Lisa opened her own, dedicated retail gallery in 2010. The relationships she’s developed have become deeper than she might have expected. “I enjoy learning about each person’s spiritual path and what they might find helpful. I’m able to translate that into jewelry that holds great meaning, reflecting an individual’s style, inspiration and personal strengths.”

Lisa’s jewelry is indeed characterized by her slogan:

Designs to lift your Soul!

She designs and crafts her jewelry at her studio in Georgetown, Massachusetts. Lisa also runs a hands-on apprenticeship program to further share her knowledge and passion.

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