Healing Gemstones

Gemstone | Agate:

A protective stone that soothes and attracts strength.

Gemstone | Amazonite

Among other uses, helpful for calm and spiritual energy.

Gemstone | Amethyst

The power to stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions.

Gemstone | Apatite

Brings clarity, eases negativity and motivates.

Gemstone | Aquamarine​

Used to foster courage, inner peace and intuition.

Gemstone | Azurite

Said to enhance intellect and intuition and promote clarity of mind.

Gemstone | Black Onyx​

Used to defend against negativity and strengthen self-confidence. Also Blue Onyx: Thought to help soothe fears and worries. Many color variations.

Gemstone | Blue Quartz

Improves mental clarity and brings a sense of order. Many color variations.

Gemstone | Blue Sapphire

Considered a protective stone, with the power to ease emotional stress and attract prosperity. Many color variations.

Gemstone | Blue Topaz

The color of calm, thought to enhance harmony and relaxation as well as improve communication.

Gemstone | Blue Tourmaline

Also known indicolite, promotes calm and relieves stress.

Gemstone | Calcite

Motivation Stone Bridges emotions & intellect.

Gemstone | Carnelian

Fosters confidence and frees the imagination.

Gemstone | Chalcedony

Balances the mind and body and repels negativity.

Gemstone | Cherry Quartz

Said to bring hope and relief from anxiety.

Gemstone | Citrine

Warm and comforting, while at the same time stimulating energy.

Gemstone | Clear Quartz

Known as a powerful healing crystal.

Gemstone | Coral

Used to stimulate intuition and visualization, fosters spiritual balance.

Gemstone | Druzy Quartz

Believed to balance energy and enhance intuition and creativity, as well as amplify the power of other crystals.

Gemstone | Fire Agate

Offers psychic protection and helps with spiritual growth.

Gemstone | Fire Opal

Said to enhance sensual vitality and creative energy.

Gemstone | Fluorite

Can clear negative energy and enhance mental clarity.

Gemstone | Garnet

Used to purify and re-energize. Many color variations.

Gemstone | Granite

Considered a guardian stone, with physical healing properties, especially for the head and face.

Gemstone | Green Chalcedony

Also called chrysoprase, believed to heighten insight, heal wounds and promote happiness. Many color variations.

Gemstone | Green Tourmaline

A stone of happiness and healing.

Gemstone | Hematite

A protective stone believed to stimulate strength and courage.

Gemstone | Howlite

Used to reduce stress and anger, improve concentration and ease insomnia.

Gemstone | Iolite

Valued in psychic and spiritual endeavors.

Gemstone | Jade

Noted for its protective and healing qualities and said to promote wisdom.

Gemstone | Jasper

Often called the “nurturing stone,” provides comfort and security.

Gemstone | Labradorite

Protects against negative energy, with a calming influence.

Gemstone | Lapis Lazuli

Supports spiritual enlightenment and critical thinking while helping to instill serenity.

Gemstone | Larimar

Calming and serene, used to ease stress and anger.

Gemstone | Lava Rock (Basalt)

Fosters strength, courage and stability.

Gemstone | Malachite

A stone of transformation, with protection against negative energy.

Gemstone | Marble

Used to facilitate meditation and promote serenity and self-control.

Gemstone | Moonstone

Associated with feminine strength; enhances intuition.

Gemstone | Mother of Pearl

Said to balance the emotions, with a calming effect.

Gemstone | Pearl

The June birthstone, symbolizing purity.

Gemstone | Peridot

Believed to bring luck, good sense and wealth, along with stronger friendships.

Gemstone | Pink Tourmaline

Associated with love, happiness and the healing of emotional wounds.

Gemstone | Prehnite

A calming stone of unconditional love and inner knowledge.

Gemstone | Pyrite

A protective stone, shielding against harm and danger. 

Gemstone | Red Agate

Thought to clear negative energy and confer strength of will.

Gemstone | Rhodochrosite

Known for its loving energy; used for personal strength and emotional self-healing.

Gemstone | Rhyolite

Can invigorate or renew emotions through positive energy.

Gemstone | Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of love, with powerful feminine energy.

Gemstone | Ruby

Known as an energizing stone that encourages a passion for life.

Gemstone | Rutilated Quartz

An energizing stone also used to soothe fears and anxiety.

Gemstone | Sapphire

Though to ease mental tension, with the power to improve focus and open the mind to new ideas, faith and joy.

Gemstone | Sea Glass

“A symbol of our inner work and the process by which we are transformed.”
—from www.tearsfromthedeep.com

Gemstone | Selenite

A powerful source of light, used for purification and positive energy.

Gemstone | Smoky Quartz

Used to relieve anxiety and improve connections to the physical world.

Gemstone | Sodalite

Known as a stone of logic and truth, with a calming influence.

Gemstone | Tiger's Eye

Said to attract wealth while fostering power and emotional balance.

Gemstone | Topaz

Recharges energy, stimulates feelings of peace and relaxation.

Gemstone | Tourmalated Quartz

Can provide protection in negative environments, boost inner strength and help with sleep.

Gemstone | Turquoise

The December birthstone, said to have multiple healing properties.

More Gemstones Coming Soon


METALS | Brass

Thought to bring courage and boost the immune system.

METALS | Copper

Regarded as a healing metal, with a place in many cultures.


A symbol of perfection and purity.

METALS | Silver

Connected to the moon, known to enhance inner wisdom.


  • Aqua: Associated with a release of guilt and a balance between work and play.
  • Black: Many meanings, including protection, elegance, power and mystery.
  • Blue: Imbued with many meanings, including optimism, loyalty and peace.
  • Brown: Represents security and protection.
  • Coral: A variant of orange, representing abundance, warmth and energy.
  • Gray: Evokes stability and calm.
  • Green: Emotionally positive and the color of renewal, providing a balance of heart and mind.
  • Indigo: Tied to knowledge and intuition.
  • Magenta: Helps foster spiritual and physical harmony and balance.
  • Orange: Radiates warmth and happiness, offering emotional strength.
  • Purple: Represents mystic and noble qualities.
  • Red: Symbolizes warmth, power and energy.
  • Teal: Associated with open communication and clear thinking.
  • Turquoise: Helps bring emotional calm and stability.

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