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How to use healing crystals?

How to use healing crystals? Make Healing Crystals Work for You!

Make Healing Crystals Work for You!

Want to know how to use healing crystals to enhance your life? To determine which ones are best for you, I recommend starting with a list of your desires and the areas where you’d like the most help.

If you’re hoping to earn more money, for example, citrine might be the answer. Could you use a little more romance? Rose quartz is thought to bring love. Perhaps you’re struggling with anxiety? Amethyst has a calming influence. Gemstones such as black tourmaline, tourmalated quartz and Apache tears offer protective energy. Clear quartz crystal is one of the most remarkable stones, said to amplify the power of other crystals. There are beautiful stones for every objective.

I believe wearing gemstones and crystals in the form of jewelry is a fantastic way to keep them close and working for you. I also use stones in meditation and to draw energy as I need it during the course of the day. Like me, you might choose to place gemstones and crystals in your work or living spaces. I’ve placed lapis lazuli in my jewelry-making studio to enhance productivity and joy. The stones in my galleries—most often hematite and smoky quartz—promote grounding and serenity to create a relaxing, enjoyable environment for my clients.

Below are some examples of my gemstone and crystal pieces and the hearts I give a way with every purchase. How to use healing crystals?


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