The Goddess Box Subscription - Exclusive, Handmade & High Quality

Knock knock…who’s there? It’s your subscription box!

What does subscription mean to YOU?

What do YOU hope for when that box arrives?

The word “subscription” no longer refers only to magazines arriving in your mailbox. Today, there are literally subscriptions available for just about anything you can imagine—books, beauty, gardening, clothing, sex toys, fitness, cleaning, food, inspirational, gifts, holistic, drinks; for every gender, age group, religious affiliation and sexual orientation; for singles and couples; specific and general and and the list goes on. You can sign up to receive your goodies weekly, monthly, bi monthly, quarterly or annually. As for pricing…you guessed it…just as varied.

So, what do you ACTUALLY get? And is it worth it? Or more to the point, what do you WANT?

Quality, value for money, uniqueness and consistency come to mind. I want a variety of items, some to share with the world and some just for me, things to make me look good and feel good inside and out. I want to feel giddy with excitement knowing my delivery is on its way. I want to receive a package worthy of my inner goddess!

I have been making handmade, artisan jewelry for over 30 years, and each of my one-of-a-kind pieces is infused with spiritual meaning and a connection with the natural world. My designs are inspired by the subtle beauty all around us as well as our strength within. Personally, I am inspired, driven and touched through chakras and the phases of moon and seasons and truly believe that every woman is a goddess and deserves be treated as such.

With this in mind and after talking with clients, I am thrilled to announce that I will be launching the Subscription Goddess Box soon! Delivery will follow the changing seasons and include exclusive, handcrafted pieces by Lisa Scala Jewelry, as well as a selection of inspirational healing items and unexpected gifts. I will infuse every Goddess Box with Reiki Healing Energy for additional meaning!

Stay tuned for more details, but get a sneak peek below!



2 Responses

  1. Nothing makes me happier than getting my Goddess Box! Each item in the box is chosen by Lisa herself with nothing but the purest of intentions. You can actually feel your frequency rise with each item in the box! My inner Goddess is the happiest its ever been!

    1. Thank you for this! It is truly how I feel when making, choosing and putting the box together for you!

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